Parallels to Luke's Gospel

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This chart presents Lukes's order of events in the life of Christ. Luke wrote to a Greek audience to show Jesus was the savior of all humanity. Women receive special attention in Luke's gospel. Luke wrote a sequel to his gospel, the Book of Acts.

Event Matthew Mark Luke John
Gabriel announces John's birth1:1-25
Gabriel visits Mary1:26-38
Mary visits Elizabeth1:39-56
Birth of John the Baptist1:57-80
Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem2:1-7
Shepherds visit Jesus2:8-20
Circumcision of Jesus2:21
Jesus presented in the Temple2:22-38
Joseph's family settles in Nazareth2:19-232:39
Childhood of Jesus2:40-52
Ministry of John the Baptist3:1-121:1-83:1-20
Herod imprisons John the Baptist4:121:143:19-20
John baptizes Jesus3:13-171:9-113:21-23
Genealogy of Jesus through Mary3:23-38
Temptation of Jesus4:1-111:12-134:1-13
Jesus continues toward Galilee4:14-154:43
First rejection in Nazareth4:16-30
Jesus settles in Capernaum4:13-171:14-154:31-32
Demoniac in Synagogue1:21-284:33-37
Peter's mother-in-law healed8:14-171:29-314:38-39
Many healed at sunset1:32-344:40-41
Disciples seek Jesus1:35-384:42-43
Jesus preaches in Synagogues4:23-251:394:44
Jesus preaches in Simon's boat5:1-3
Miraculous catch of fish5:4-11
Jesus heals a leper8:2-41:40-455:12-16
Jesus cures a paralytic9:2-82:1-125:17-26
Matthew called to be a disciple9:92:13-145:27-28
Parables at Levi's reception9:10-172:15-225:29-39
Disciples pick grain on the Sabbath12:1-82:23-286:1-5
Man's hand healed on the Sabbath12:9-143:1-66:6-11
Jesus prays on a mountain6:12
Jesus selects 12 disciples3:13-196:13-16
Jesus descends and heals the multitude6:17-19
Sermon on the Mount5:1-8:16:20-49
Jesus heals a Centurion's servant8:5-137:1-10
Widow of Nain's son is raised7:11-17
John sends 2 disciples to question Jesus11:2-67:18-23
Jesus commends John the Baptist11:7-197:24-35
Jesus dines with Simon the Pharisee7:36-50
Generous women8:1-3
Parables by the Sea13:1-354:1-348:4-18
Family seeks Jesus12:46-503:31-358:19-21
Orders to cross the Sea of Galilee8:184:358:22
Jesus calms a stormy sea8:23-274:36-418:23-25
Legion cast out of violent man8:28-345:1-208:26-39
Jesus sails to Capernaum9:15:218:40
Jairus asks Jesus to heal his daughter9:18-195:22-238:41-42
Ill woman is healed by touching Jesus9:20-225:24-348:42-48
Daughter's death is reported to Jairus5:35-368:49-50
Jesus raises Jairus' daughter to life9:23-265:37-438:51-56
12 sent out to preach9:35-11:16:7-139:1-6
Herod fears John the Baptist has risen6:14-299:7-9
12 return and they withdraw14:136:30-329:106:1
Jesus teaches multitude14:146:33-349:116:2
Jesus feeds 5,00014:15-216:35-449:12-176:3-14
Jesus rebukes Peter16:21-288:31-9:19:18-27
The Transfiguration17:1-89:2-89:28-36
Demon is cast out of boy17:14-189:14-279:37-43
Jesus discusses his death17:22-239:30-329:44-45
Disciples argue about greatest18:1-69:33-379:46-48
John's zeal9:38-429:49-50
Jesus sets his face to go to Jerusalem9:517:10
Messengers sent to Samaria9:52-53
James and John rebuked for attitude9:54-56
Unfit followers8:19-229:57-62
Seventy sent out10:1-16
Seventy return10:17-20
Jesus rejoices10:21-22
Jesus privately blesses the 1210:23-24
Lawyer tests Jesus10:25-28
Parable of the Good Samaritan10:29-37
Martha prepares whild Mary listens10:38-42
How to pray11:1-13
Blasphemy and teachings on demons11:14-26
A woman blesses Mary11:27-28
Sign of Jonah11:29-32
Lamp of the body11:33-36
Lunch with a Pharisee11:37
Jesus does not wash his hands11:38
Jesus pronounces woes on the Pharisees11:39-44
Jesus pronounces woes on the Lawyers11:45-52
Jesus leaves, and they plot against him.11:53-54
Jesus teaches a great crowd12:1-12
Jesus warns against greed12:13-15
Parables about being ready12:16-40
Peter's question12:41
More parables12:42-59
Fate of Galileans reported to Jesus13:1-5
Parable of the fig tree13:6-9
Woman healed on the Sabbath13:10-13
Synagogue official opposes Jesus13:14-17
Parables of mustard seed and leaven13:18-21
Jesus travels toward Jerusalem13:22
How many will be saved?13:23-30
Pharisees warn Jesus about Herod13:31-35
In a Pharisee's house on the Sabbath14:1
Man with dropsy healed14:2-6
Parable of the guests14:7-11
Parable to the host of the feast14:12-14
Parable of the dinner14:15-24
Great multitudes travel with Jesus14:25
Cost of discipleship14:25-35
Eats with tax collectors and sinners15:1-2
Lost sheep, coin, and son15:3-32
Parable of the unrighteous steward16:1-13
Pharisees scoff. Teaching on divorce.16:14-18
Rich man and Lazarus16:19-31
Jesus instructs disciples17:1-10
Ten lepers are cleansed17:11-14
Samaritan returns to thank Jesus17:15-19
Pharisees ask about the Kingdom17:20-21
Jesus warns disciples about the future17:22-37
Parable of the unjust judge18:1-8
Parable of the Pharisee and tax collector18:9-14
Jesus blesses little children19:13-1510:13-1618:15-17
Rich young ruler19:16-2610:17-2718:18-27
Disciples reward19:27-3010:28-3118:28-30
Jesus predicts death20:17-1910:32-3418:31-34
Blind men healed near Jericho20:29-3410:46-5218:35-43
Zaccheus is converted near Jericho19:1-10
Jesus is near Jerusalem19:11
Blind men healed near Jericho19:12-27
Jesus ascends toward Jerusalem21:111:119:28
Two disciples get a colt21:1-711:1-719:29-35
Triumphal entry into Jerusalem21:8-1111:7-1019:35-3812:12-18
Pharisees reaction19:39-4012:19
Jesus weeps for Jerusalem19:41-44
Second temple cleansing21:12-1311:15-1719:45-46
Jewish leaders seek to destroy Jesus21:15-1611:1819:47-48
Authority challenged in the Temple21:23-2711:27-3320:1-8
Parable of the vine growers21:33-4612:1-1220:9-18
Jews question on paying taxes22:15-2212:13-1720:19-26
Sadducees question the resurrection22:23-3312:18-2720:27-40
Jesus questions them about baptism22:41-4612:35-3720:41-44
Warnings about Scribes and Pharisees23:1-3912:38-4020:45-47
Widow's mite12:41-4421:1-4
Disciples admire the temple24:1-213:1-221:5-6
4 fishermen question Jesus24:313:3-421:7
Jesus warns disciples of persecution24:4-1413:5-1321:8-19
Jesus predicts the fall of Jerusalem24:15-2813:14-2321:20-24
Jesus teaches about the 2nd coming24:29-3113:24-2721:25-28
Parable of the fig tree24:32-3313:28-2921:29-31
Warnings to be alert24:34-5113:30-3721:32-36
People come early to hear Jesus teach21:37-38
Plot to kill Jesus26:3-514:1-222:1-2
Judas bargains to betray Jesus26:14-1614:10-1122:3-6
Peter & John sent to prepare for Passover26:17-1914:12-1622:7-13
Fellowship in the upper room26:2014:1722:14
Lord's Supper26:26-2914:22-2522:14-20I Cor 11:23-29
Jesus predicts his betrayal26:21-2514:18-2122:21-2313:21-26
Dispute about the greatest disciple22:24-30
Jesus tells Simon he prayed for him22:31-32
Jesus predicts Peter's denials26:33-3514:29-3122:33-3413:36-38
Jesus warns the disciples to be prepared22:35-38
Jesus enters Gethsemane26:3614:3222:39-4018:1
Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane26:36-4614:32-4222:40-46
Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss26:48-5014:44-4522:47-48
Peter severs the ear of Malchus26:50-5414:46-4722:49-5018:10-11
Jesus heals the high priest's servant22:51
Jesus is arrested. The disciples flee.26:55-5614:48-5222:52-5418:12
Jesus lead to high priest's house26:5714:5322:5418:13-14
Peter follows at a distance26:5814:5422:5418:15-16
Peter's 1st denial - doorkeeping girl26:69-7014:66-6822:55-5718:17-18
Peter's 2nd denial - by the fire26:71-7214:69-7022:5818:25
Peter's 3rd denial - relative of Malchus26:73-7514:70-7222:59-6218:26-27
Guards beat Jesus22:63-65
Caiaphas condemns Jesus26:62-6614:60-6422:66-71
Jesus before Pilate27:1-1423:1-718:29-38
Jesus before Herod23:8-10
Herod's soldiers mock Jesus15:1-523:11-12
Pilate releases Barabbas27:15-2615:6-1523:13-2518:38-40
Simon of Cyrene bears the cross27:31-3215:20-2123:26
Jesus speaks to weeping women23:27-32
Jesus is brought to Golgotha27:3315:2223:32-3319:17
2 robbers are crucified with Jesus27:3815:27-2823:3319:18
Inscription written by Pilate27:3715:2623:3819:19-22
"Forgive them…"23:34
Soldiers divide the garments of Jesus27:35-3615:2423:3419:23-24
Multitudes mock Jesus27:39-4315:29-3223:35-37
Robbers mock Jesus27:4415:3223:39
One robber rebukes the other23:40-41
"…you will be with me in Paradise."23:43
Darkness from 6th to 9th hour27:4515:3323:44-45
Jesus cries out27:5015:3723:46
"Into Thy hands I commit my spirit."23:46
Jesus bows his head and dies27:5015:3723:4619:30
Temple veil torn from top to bottom27:5115:3823:45
Centurion glorifies God27:5415:3923:47
Multitude leaves grieving23:48
Women watch from a distance27:55-5615:40-4123:49
Joseph requests body from Pilate27:57-5815:42-4323:50-5219:38
Body placed in new garden tomb27:59-6015:4623:5319:41-42
Two Mary's watch the burial27:6115:4723:54-55
Two Mary's prepare spices and then rest23:56
Women bring spices to tomb at dawn28:116:1-424:1-320:1
Angels appear to women28:5-716:5-724:4-8
Women run to tell disciples28:816:824:9-1120:2
Peter and John inspect the empty tomb24:1220:3-9
Peter and John go home24:1220:10
Jesus meets 2 on road to Emmaus16:12-1324:13-32
Jesus appears to Simon Peter1 Cor 15:524:34
Two report to disciples in Jerusalem24:33-35
Jesus appears to disciples without Thomas24:36-4620:19-24
Jesus commissions the apostles28:16-2016:15-1824:44-49
Jesus is received into Heaven16:19-2024:50-53
Luke summarizes the 40 day appearancesActs 1:4-11

While the gospels present similar events, the order, emphasis, inclusion, and omission of events changes with each author. Each gospel is a literary work with unique goals and a specific target audience.

Discrediting the gospels for sequential differences is pointless. The theological purpose of each author was not to construct a precise sequential account, but to present Christ to his readers. New Testament writers occasionally grouped related ideas for clarity, and used devices like flashbacks for emphasis (e.g. Luke 9:7-9).

To learn more about Luke and his purpose, audience, and emphasis, check out our Explore the Gospels article.

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