Parallels to John's Gospel

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This chart presents John's order of events in the life of Christ. John is the gospel of belief, and was written to show the world that Jesus was the Son of God. John usually presents the teachings of Jesus in the form of conversations.

John contains many unique events that are not presented in the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Consequently John has fewer parallel references than the other gospels.

Event Matthew Mark Luke John
Pre-existence of Christ1:1-18
John's testimony about Christ1:19-28
John recounts Christ's baptism1:29-34
First disciples1:35-51
First miracle - turning water to wine2:1-12
First temple cleansing2:13-25
Nicodemus meets Jesus at night3:1-21
Disciples baptize many in Judea3:22-24
Disciples ask John about Jesus3:25-36
Jesus withdraws from Judea4:1-3
Samaritan woman at Jacob's well4:4-26
Disciples question Jesus4:27-38
Samaritans come to Jesus4:39-42
Jesus continues toward Galilee4:14-154:43
Arrival in Cana of Galilee4:43-45
Jesus heals official's son4:46-54
Passover in Jerusalem5:1
Man healed at pools of Bethesda5:2-15
Jesus challenged for healing on Sabbath5:16-47
12 return and they withdraw14:136:30-329:106:1
Jesus teaches multitude14:146:33-349:116:2
Jesus feeds 5,00014:15-216:35-449:12-176:3-14
Jesus prays alone14:22-236:45-476:15
Jesus walks on water14:24-276:48-526:16-21
Bread of Life discourse6:22-7:1
Feast of Booths at hand7:2
Brothers advise Jesus to go to Judea7:3-8
Jesus stays in Galilee7:9
Jesus sets his face to go to Jerusalem9:517:10
People afraid to speak publicly of Jesus7:11-13
Jesus in the temple mid-feast7:14-15
Jesus says some seek to kill him7:16-19
Defense for healing on Sabbath7:20-24
Jesus cries out in the temple7:25-30
Multitudes amazed at Signs7:31
Pharisees seek to sieze Jesus7:32-36
Last day of Feast7:37
Rivers of living water7:37-39
Division among the people7:40-44
Pharisees question officers7:45-47
Judgement of Nicodemus7:48-53
Jesus goes to the Mount of Olives8:1
Teaches at temple in the morning8:2
Adulterous woman brought to Jesus8:3-11
Light of the world8:12-20
Sent by the Father8:21-30
Temple debate about father Abraham8:31-59
Jesus leaves the temple8:59
Jesus heals a man born blind9:1-7
Neighbors question healed blind man9:8-12
Pharisees question man's parents9:13-34
Jesus finds the man9:35-39
Pharisees ask if they are blind9:40-10:6
Jesus explains he is the Good Shepherd10:7-18
Division among the Jews10:19-21
Feast of Dedication in the temple10:22-23
Jews confront Christ10:24-39
Jesus goes to Aenon near Salim10:40-42
Lazarus of Bethany reported sick11:1-6
Jesus delays for 2 days11:6
Jesus prepares 12 to go to Judea11:7-16
Arrives near Bethany, 2 days later11:17-18
Martha meets Jesus11:19-29
Mary comes to Jesus11:30-37
Jesus comes to the tomb11:38
Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead11:39-44
Unbelievers report to Pharisees11:45-46
Conspiracy to kill Jesus11:47-53
Jesus goes to Ephraim11:54
Journey to Jerusalem for Passover11:54
Jesus discussed by Jews and Priests11:55-57
Jesus in Bethany12:1
Mary anoints Jesus in Simon's house12:2-8
Crowds come to see Jesus and Lazarus12:9
Chief priests conspire to kill Lazarus12:10-11
Triumphal entry into Jerusalem21:8-1111:7-1019:35-3812:12-18
Pharisees reaction19:39-4012:19
Greeks seek Jesus12:20-22
Final public appeals to unbelievers12:23-50
Jesus washes the disciples' feet13:1-20
Jesus predicts his betrayal26:21-2514:18-2122:21-2313:21-26
Judas leaves13:27-30
A new commandment13:31-35
Jesus predicts Peter's denials26:33-3514:29-3122:33-3413:36-38
Jesus comforts the disciples14:1-4
Jesus responds to Thomas14:5-7
Jesus responds to Philip14:8-21
Jesus responds to Judas not Iscariot14:22-31
They sing a hymn and leave26:3014:2614:31
Farewell discourse15:1-16:33
Jesus prays for his disciples17:1-26
Jesus enters Gethsemane26:3614:3222:39-4018:1
Mob comes to arrest Jesus26:4714;4318:2-3
Jesus answers the mob with authority18:4-9
Peter severs the ear of Malchus26:50-5414:46-4722:49-5018:10-11
Jesus is arrested. The disciples flee.26:55-5614:48-5222:52-5418:12
Jesus lead to high priest's house26:5714:5322:5418:13-14
Peter follows at a distance26:5814:5422:5418:15-16
Peter's 1st denial - doorkeeping girl26:69-7014:66-6822:55-5718:17-18
Annas questions Jesus18:19-24
Peter's 2nd denial - by the fire26:71-7214:69-7022:5818:25
Peter's 3rd denial - relative of Malchus26:73-7514:70-7222:59-6218:26-27
Jesus lead from Caiaphas to Praetorium18:28
Jesus before Pilate27:1-1423:1-718:29-38
Pilate releases Barabbas27:15-2615:6-1523:13-2518:38-40
Pilate's soldiers crown and mock Jesus27:27-3015:16-2019:1-3
Pilate tries to release Jesus19:4-7
Pilate questions Jesus again19:8-11
Pilate tries to release Jesus again19:12
Pilate sentences Jesus19:13-15
Pilate delivers Jesus to be crucified19:16
Jesus carries the cross19:17
Jesus is brought to Golgotha27:3315:2223:32-3319:17
2 robbers are crucified with Jesus27:3815:27-2823:3319:18
Inscription written by Pilate27:3715:2623:3819:19-22
Soldiers divide the garments of Jesus27:35-3615:2423:3419:23-24
"Behold your mother."19:25-27
"I thirst."19:28
Jesus is offered sour wine on a reed.27:47-4915:35-3619:29-30
"It is finished."19:30
Jesus bows his head and dies27:5015:3723:4619:30
Request that legs be broken19:31-32
Soldier pierces Jesus' side19:33-34
Fulfilment of prophecy19:35-37
Joseph requests body from Pilate27:57-5815:42-4323:50-5219:38
Joseph takes the body15:4519:38
Nicodemus and Joseph prepare the body19:39-40
Body placed in new garden tomb27:59-6015:4623:5319:41-42
Women bring spices to tomb at dawn28:116:1-424:1-320:1
Women run to tell disciples28:816:824:9-1120:2
Peter and John inspect the empty tomb24:1220:3-9
Peter and John go home24:1220:10
Mary sees two angels20:12-13
Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene16:920:14-17
Women report to the disciples16:10-1120:18
Jesus appears to disciples without Thomas24:36-4620:19-24
Disciples report to Thomas20:25
Jesus appears to disciples and Thomas16:1420:26-29
Jesus appears to seven by the sea21:1-14
Jesus questions Peter 3 times21:15-23
John's first testimony20:30-31
John's second testimony21:24-25

While the gospels present similar events, the order, emphasis, inclusion, and omission of events changes with each author. Each gospel is a literary work with unique goals and a specific target audience.

Discrediting the gospels for sequential differences is pointless. The theological purpose of each author was not to construct a precise sequential account, but to present Christ to his readers. New Testament writers occasionally grouped related ideas for clarity, and used devices like flashbacks for emphasis (e.g. Luke 9:7-9).

To learn more about John and his purpose, audience, and emphasis, check out our Explore the Gospels article.

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