Harmony of the Gospels

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This chart organizes events from the life of Christ in approximate chronological order. When an event appears in more than one gospel, the parallel accounts are grouped together.

Understand that this is a general guide. Since many passages omit clear time references, some of the sequencing is speculative.

Event Matthew Mark Luke John
Pre-existence of Christ1:1-18
Genealogy of Jesus through Joseph1:1-17
Genealogy of Jesus through Mary3:23-38
Gabriel announces John's birth1:1-25
Gabriel visits Mary1:26-38
Mary visits Elizabeth1:39-56
Birth of John the Baptist1:57-80
Angel visits Joseph in a dream1:18-25
Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem2:1-7
Shepherds visit Jesus2:8-20
Circumcision of Jesus2:21
Jesus presented in the Temple2:22-38
Wise men bring gifts2:1-12
Joseph's family escapes to Egypt2:13-15
Bethehem children killed2:16-18
Joseph's family settles in Nazareth2:19-232:39
Childhood of Jesus2:40-52
Ministry of John the Baptist3:1-121:1-83:1-20
John baptizes Jesus3:13-171:9-113:21-23
Temptation of Jesus4:1-111:12-134:1-13
John's testimony about Christ1:19-28
John recounts Christ's baptism1:29-34
First disciples1:35-51
First miracle - turning water to wine2:1-12
First temple cleansing2:13-25
Nicodemus meets Jesus at night3:1-21
Disciples baptize many in Judea3:22-24
Disciples ask John about Jesus3:25-36
Herod imprisons John the Baptist4:121:143:19-20
Jesus withdraws from Judea4:1-3
Samaritan woman at Jacob's well4:4-26
Disciples question Jesus4:27-38
Samaritans come to Jesus4:39-42
Jesus continues toward Galilee4:14-154:43
First rejection in Nazareth4:16-30
Arrival in Cana of Galilee4:43-45
Jesus heals official's son4:46-54
Jesus settles in Capernaum4:13-171:14-154:31-32
Fishermen called to be disciples4:18-221:16-20
Demoniac in Synagogue1:21-284:33-37
Peter's mother-in-law healed8:14-171:29-314:38-39
Many healed at sunset1:32-344:40-41
Disciples seek Jesus1:35-384:42-43
Jesus preaches in Synagogues4:23-251:394:44
Jesus preaches in Simon's boat5:1-3
Miraculous catch of fish5:4-11
Jesus heals a leper8:2-41:40-455:12-16
Jesus cures a paralytic9:2-82:1-125:17-26
Matthew called to be a disciple9:92:13-145:27-28
Parables at Levi's reception9:10-172:15-225:29-39
Passover in Jerusalem5:1
Man healed at pools of Bethesda5:2-15
Jesus challenged for healing on Sabbath5:16-47
Disciples pick grain on the Sabbath12:1-82:23-286:1-5
Man's hand healed on the Sabbath12:9-143:1-66:6-11
Jesus withdraws to the sea12:14-213:7
Many follow Jesus to be healed4:23-253:7-12
Jesus prays on a mountain6:12
Jesus selects 12 disciples3:13-196:13-16
Jesus descends and heals the multitude6:17-19
Jesus ascends to address the multitude5:1
Sermon on the Mount5:1-8:16:20-49
Jesus heals a Centurion's servant8:5-137:1-10
Widow of Nain's son is raised7:11-17
John sends 2 disciples to question Jesus11:2-67:18-23
Jesus commends John the Baptist11:7-197:24-35
Jesus rebukes 3 cities11:20-30
Jesus dines with Simon the Pharisee7:36-50
Generous women8:1-3
Jesus heals a demon-possessed man12:22-233:20-22
Pharisees rebuked12:24-373:22-30
Sign of Jonah12:38-45
Family seeks Jesus12:46-503:31-358:19-21
Parables by the Sea13:1-354:1-348:4-18
Parables explained and told in private13:36-53
Orders to cross the Sea of Galilee8:184:358:22
Jesus calms a stormy sea8:23-274:36-418:23-25
Legion cast out of violent man8:28-345:1-208:26-39
Jesus sails to Capernaum9:15:218:40
Jairus asks Jesus to heal his daughter9:18-195:22-238:41-42
Ill woman is healed by touching Jesus9:20-225:24-348:42-48
Daughter's death is reported to Jairus5:35-368:49-50
Jesus raises Jairus' daughter to life9:23-265:37-438:51-56
Jesus heals two blind men9:27-31
Jesus heals a mute demoniac9:32-34
Second rejection in Nazareth13:54-586:1-6
12 sent out to preach9:35-11:16:7-139:1-6
Death of John the Baptist14:1-12
Herod fears John the Baptist has risen6:14-299:7-9
12 return and they withdraw14:136:30-329:106:1
Jesus teaches multitude14:146:33-349:116:2
Jesus feeds 5,00014:15-216:35-449:12-176:3-14
Jesus prays alone14:22-236:45-476:15
Jesus walks on water14:24-276:48-526:16-21
Peter walks on water14:28-33
Healings in Gennesaret14:34-366:53-56
Bread of Life discourse6:22-7:1
Traditions of men rebuked15:1-117:1-16
Parable explained in private15:12-207:17-23
Gentile woman's faith15:21-287:24-30
Jesus heals a deaf man7:31-37
Many healed on a mountain15:29-31
Jesus feeds 4,00015:32-398:1-10
Pharisees seek a sign16:1-48:11-13
Leaven of the Pharisees16:5-128:13-21
Blind man cured in Bethsaida8:22-26
Peter's confession16:13-208:27-30
Jesus rebukes Peter16:21-288:31-9:19:18-27
The Transfiguration17:1-89:2-89:28-36
Elijah discussed while descending17:9-139:9-13
Demon is cast out of boy17:14-189:14-279:37-43
Disciples ask about the miracle17:19-219:28-29
Jesus discusses his death17:22-239:30-329:44-45
Jesus pays Temple tax17:24-27
Disciples argue about greatest18:1-69:33-379:46-48
John's zeal9:38-429:49-50
Warnings about stumbling blocks18:7-119:43-50
Lost sheep parable18:12-14
Church discipline18:15-20
Peter's question about forgiveness18:21-35
Feast of Booths at hand7:2
Brothers advise Jesus to go to Judea7:3-8
Jesus stays in Galilee7:9
Jesus sets his face to go to Jerusalem9:517:10
Messengers sent to Samaria9:52-53
James and John rebuked for attitude9:54-56
Unfit followers8:19-229:57-62
People afraid to speak publicly of Jesus7:11-13
Jesus in the temple mid-feast7:14-15
Jesus says some seek to kill him7:16-19
Defense for healing on Sabbath7:20-24
Jesus cries out in the temple7:25-30
Multitudes amazed at Signs7:31
Pharisees seek to sieze Jesus7:32-36
Last day of Feast7:37
Rivers of living water7:37-39
Division among the people7:40-44
Pharisees question officers7:45-47
Judgement of Nicodemus7:48-53
Jesus goes to the Mount of Olives8:1
Teaches at temple in the morning8:2
Adulterous woman brought to Jesus8:3-11
Light of the world8:12-20
Sent by the Father8:21-30
Temple debate about father Abraham8:31-59
Jesus leaves the temple8:59
Jesus heals a man born blind9:1-7
Neighbors question healed blind man9:8-12
Pharisees question man's parents9:13-34
Jesus finds the man9:35-39
Pharisees ask if they are blind9:40-10:6
Jesus explains he is the Good Shepherd10:7-18
Division among the Jews10:19-21
Seventy sent out10:1-16
Seventy return10:17-20
Jesus rejoices10:21-22
Jesus privately blesses the 1210:23-24
Lawyer tests Jesus10:25-28
Parable of the Good Samaritan10:29-37
Martha prepares whild Mary listens10:38-42
How to pray11:1-13
Blasphemy and teachings on demons11:14-26
A woman blesses Mary11:27-28
Sign of Jonah11:29-32
Lamp of the body11:33-36
Lunch with a Pharisee11:37
Jesus does not wash his hands11:38
Jesus pronounces woes on the Pharisees11:39-44
Jesus pronounces woes on the Lawyers11:45-52
Jesus leaves, and they plot against him.11:53-54
Jesus teaches a great crowd12:1-12
Jesus warns against greed12:13-15
Parables about being ready12:16-40
Peter's question12:41
More parables12:42-59
Fate of Galileans reported to Jesus13:1-5
Parable of the fig tree13:6-9
Woman healed on the Sabbath13:10-13
Synagogue official opposes Jesus13:14-17
Parables of mustard seed and leaven13:18-21
Feast of Dedication in the temple10:22-23
Jews confront Christ10:24-39
Jesus goes to Aenon near Salim10:40-42
Jesus travels toward Jerusalem13:22
How many will be saved?13:23-30
Pharisees warn Jesus about Herod13:31-35
In a Pharisee's house on the Sabbath14:1
Man with dropsy healed14:2-6
Parable of the guests14:7-11
Parable to the host of the feast14:12-14
Parable of the dinner14:15-24
Great multitudes travel with Jesus14:25
Cost of discipleship14:25-35
Eats with tax collectors and sinners15:1-2
Lost sheep, coin, and son15:3-32
Parable of the unrighteous steward16:1-13
Pharisees scoff. Teaching on divorce.16:14-18
Rich man and Lazarus16:19-31
Jesus instructs disciples17:1-10
Lazarus of Bethany reported sick11:1-6
Jesus delays for 2 days11:6
Jesus prepares 12 to go to Judea11:7-16
Arrives near Bethany, 2 days later11:17-18
Martha meets Jesus11:19-29
Mary comes to Jesus11:30-37
Jesus comes to the tomb11:38
Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead11:39-44
Unbelievers report to Pharisees11:45-46
Conspiracy to kill Jesus11:47-53
Jesus goes to Ephraim11:54
Ten lepers are cleansed17:11-14
Samaritan returns to thank Jesus17:15-19
Pharisees ask about the Kingdom17:20-21
Jesus warns disciples about the future17:22-37
Parable of the unjust judge18:1-8
Parable of the Pharisee and tax collector18:9-14
Jesus goes to Judea by the Jordan19:110:1
Multitudes follow Jesus19:2
Pharisees questions on divorce19:3-910:2-9
Disciples questions on divorce19:10-1210:10-12
Jesus blesses little children19:13-1510:13-1618:15-17
Rich young ruler19:16-2610:17-2718:18-27
Disciples reward19:27-3010:28-3118:28-30
First shall be last discourse20:1-16
Jesus predicts death20:17-1910:32-3418:31-34
Request for James and John20:20-2410:35-41
Relationship of disciples20:25-2810:42-45
Blind men healed near Jericho20:29-3410:46-5218:35-43
Zaccheus is converted near Jericho19:1-10
Jesus is near Jerusalem19:11
Blind men healed near Jericho19:12-27
Journey to Jerusalem for Passover11:54
Jesus discussed by Jews and Priests11:55-57
Jesus in Bethany12:1
Mary anoints Jesus in Simon's house12:2-8
Mary's deed recounted26:6-1314:3-9
Crowds come to see Jesus and Lazarus12:9
Chief priests conspire to kill Lazarus12:10-11
Jesus ascends toward Jerusalem21:111:119:28
Two disciples get a colt21:1-711:1-719:29-35
Triumphal entry into Jerusalem21:8-1111:7-1019:35-3812:12-18
Pharisees reaction19:39-4012:19
Jesus weeps for Jerusalem19:41-44
Jesus enters Jerusalem and Bethany11:11
Jesus curses a fig tree11:12-14
Second temple cleansing21:12-1311:15-1719:45-46
Jesus heals many in the temple21:14
Jewish leaders seek to destroy Jesus21:15-1611:1819:47-48
Jesus leaves Jerusalem21:1711:19
Withered fig tree (next morning)21:18-2211:20-26
Authority challenged in the Temple21:23-2711:27-3320:1-8
Parable of the two sons21:28-32
Parable of the vine growers21:33-4612:1-1220:9-18
Parable of the wedding feast22:1-14
Jews question on paying taxes22:15-2212:13-1720:19-26
Sadducees question the resurrection22:23-3312:18-2720:27-40
Scribes and Pharisees question Jesus22:34-4012:28-34
Jesus questions them about baptism22:41-4612:35-3720:41-44
Warnings about Scribes and Pharisees23:1-3912:38-4020:45-47
Widow's mite12:41-4421:1-4
Disciples admire the temple24:1-213:1-221:5-6
4 fishermen question Jesus24:313:3-421:7
Jesus warns disciples of persecution24:4-1413:5-1321:8-19
Jesus predicts the fall of Jerusalem24:15-2813:14-2321:20-24
Jesus teaches about the 2nd coming24:29-3113:24-2721:25-28
Parable of the fig tree24:32-3313:28-2921:29-31
Warnings to be alert24:34-5113:30-3721:32-36
Parable of the 10 virgins25:1-13
Parable of the talents25:14-30
Warnings about the Judgment25:31-46
Jesus predicts day of crucifixion26:1-2
People come early to hear Jesus teach21:37-38
Greeks seek Jesus12:20-22
Final public appeals to unbelievers12:23-50
Plot to kill Jesus26:3-514:1-222:1-2
Judas bargains to betray Jesus26:14-1614:10-1122:3-6
Peter & John sent to prepare for Passover26:17-1914:12-1622:7-13
Fellowship in the upper room26:2014:1722:14
Jesus washes the disciples' feet13:1-20
Lord's Supper26:26-2914:22-2522:14-20I Cor 11:23-29
Jesus predicts his betrayal26:21-2514:18-2122:21-2313:21-26
Judas leaves13:27-30
A new commandment13:31-35
Dispute about the greatest disciple22:24-30
Jesus predicts the disciples' denial26:31-3214:27-28
Jesus tells Simon he prayed for him22:31-32
Jesus predicts Peter's denials26:33-3514:29-3122:33-3413:36-38
Jesus warns the disciples to be prepared22:35-38
Jesus comforts the disciples14:1-4
Jesus responds to Thomas14:5-7
Jesus responds to Philip14:8-21
Jesus responds to Judas not Iscariot14:22-31
They sing a hymn and leave26:3014:2614:31
Farewell discourse15:1-16:33
Jesus prays for his disciples17:1-26
Jesus enters Gethsemane26:3614:3222:39-4018:1
Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane26:36-4614:32-4222:40-46
Mob comes to arrest Jesus26:4714;4318:2-3
Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss26:48-5014:44-4522:47-48
Jesus answers the mob with authority18:4-9
Peter severs the ear of Malchus26:50-5414:46-4722:49-5018:10-11
Jesus heals the high priest's servant22:51
Jesus is arrested. The disciples flee.26:55-5614:48-5222:52-5418:12
Jesus lead to high priest's house26:5714:5322:5418:13-14
Peter follows at a distance26:5814:5422:5418:15-16
Peter's 1st denial - doorkeeping girl26:69-7014:66-6822:55-5718:17-18
Annas questions Jesus18:19-24
Peter's 2nd denial - by the fire26:71-7214:69-7022:5818:25
Peter's 3rd denial - relative of Malchus26:73-7514:70-7222:59-6218:26-27
Guards beat Jesus22:63-65
False witnesses testify26:59-6114:55-59
Caiaphas condemns Jesus26:62-6614:60-6422:66-71
Sanhedrin beats Jesus26:67-6814:65
Jesus lead from Caiaphas to Praetorium18:28
Remorse of Judas27:1-10Acts 1:16-20
Jesus before Pilate27:1-1423:1-718:29-38
Jesus before Herod23:8-10
Herod's soldiers mock Jesus15:1-523:11-12
Pilate releases Barabbas27:15-2615:6-1523:13-2518:38-40
Pilate's soldiers crown and mock Jesus27:27-3015:16-2019:1-3
Pilate tries to release Jesus19:4-7
Pilate questions Jesus again19:8-11
Pilate tries to release Jesus again19:12
Pilate sentences Jesus19:13-15
Pilate delivers Jesus to be crucified19:16
Jesus carries the cross19:17
Simon of Cyrene bears the cross27:31-3215:20-2123:26
Jesus speaks to weeping women23:27-32
Jesus is brought to Golgotha27:3315:2223:32-3319:17
Soldiers offer Jesus sour wine mix27:3415:23
He is crucified on the 3rd hour15:25
2 robbers are crucified with Jesus27:3815:27-2823:3319:18
Inscription written by Pilate27:3715:2623:3819:19-22
"Forgive them…"23:34
Soldiers divide the garments of Jesus27:35-3615:2423:3419:23-24
"Behold your mother."19:25-27
Multitudes mock Jesus27:39-4315:29-3223:35-37
Robbers mock Jesus27:4415:3223:39
One robber rebukes the other23:40-41
"…you will be with me in Paradise."23:43
Darkness from 6th to 9th hour27:4515:3323:44-45
"Eloi, Eloi, Lamma, Sabachthani"27:4615:34
"I thirst."19:28
Jesus is offered sour wine on a reed.27:47-4915:35-3619:29-30
"It is finished."19:30
Jesus cries out27:5015:3723:46
"Into Thy hands I commit my spirit."23:46
Jesus bows his head and dies27:5015:3723:4619:30
Temple veil torn from top to bottom27:5115:3823:45
Saints rise, after Christ's resurrection27:52-53
Centurion glorifies God27:5415:3923:47
Multitude leaves grieving23:48
Women watch from a distance27:55-5615:40-4123:49
Request that legs be broken19:31-32
Soldier pierces Jesus' side19:33-34
Fulfilment of prophecy19:35-37
Joseph requests body from Pilate27:57-5815:42-4323:50-5219:38
Centurion reports that Jesus is dead15:44-45
Joseph takes the body15:4519:38
Nicodemus and Joseph prepare the body19:39-40
Body placed in new garden tomb27:59-6015:4623:5319:41-42
Two Mary's watch the burial27:6115:4723:54-55
Roman soldiers guard the tomb27:62-66
Two Mary's prepare spices and then rest23:56
Angel rolls stone28:2-4
Women bring spices to tomb at dawn28:116:1-424:1-320:1
Angels appear to women28:5-716:5-724:4-8
Women run to tell disciples28:816:824:9-1120:2
Peter and John inspect the empty tomb24:1220:3-9
Peter and John go home24:1220:10
Mary Magdalene stands weeping20:11
Mary sees two angels20:12-13
Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene16:920:14-17
Jesus appears to other women28:9-10
Women report to the disciples16:10-1120:18
Guards report to the priests28:11-15
Jesus meets 2 on road to Emmaus16:12-1324:13-32
Jesus appears to Simon Peter1 Cor 15:524:34
Two report to disciples in Jerusalem24:33-35
Jesus appears to disciples without Thomas24:36-4620:19-24
Disciples report to Thomas20:25
Jesus appears to disciples and Thomas16:1420:26-29
Jesus appears to seven by the sea21:1-14
Jesus questions Peter 3 times21:15-23
Jesus appears to 500 bretheren1 Cor 15:6
Jesus appears to James1 Cor 15:7
Jesus commissions the apostles28:16-2016:15-1824:44-49
Jesus is received into Heaven16:19-2024:50-53
John's first testimony20:30-31
John's second testimony21:24-25
Luke summarizes the 40 day appearancesActs 1:4-11

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