Life of Christ

Explore the life, history, miracles, and teachings of Jesus Christ. We hope you like the new site design.

Life of Jesus


Handy study guides for the life of Christ.

History of Christ

  • Timeline - A timeline for the life of Christ. Learn when he was born, when his ministry began, and when he died.
  • Maps - Maps of the Roman Empire, Israel, and Galilee. See where Jesus traveled, and where John baptized him.

Teachings of Jesus

  • Sermon on the Mount - The greatest sermon of Jesus Christ in an easy-to-read format. It contains the Lord's prayer, the golden rule, and practical advice for Christian living.
  • Seaside Parables - Jesus often taught with short stories called parables. Discover why Jesus used parables.
  • Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit - An in-depth look at what some call the "unpardonable sin".

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