Exploring the Gospels

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Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are collectively known as the gospels.


The word "gospel" comes from an Old English word that meant "good tale" or "good news." Today the word "gospel" is used to describe the four New Testament books that present the life of Christ.

In a general sense, gospel is also used to describe the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Indeed, the story of Jesus is good news.

The 4 Gospels

Matthew is the gospel of the kingdom. It was addressed to Jews to show that Jesus was the promised Messiah, the "King of the Jews."

Mark is the gospel of miracles. Mark's fast-paced account was written to a Roman audience. Mark portrayed Jesus as God's suffering servant.

Luke is the historical gospel. Luke emphasized the humanity of Jesus, and portrayed Christ as the "Son of Man."

John is the gospel of belief. John was written to the world to show that Jesus was the "Son of God."

Gospels at a Glance: A chart showing fast facts about the gospels, including authors, audience, dates, and key words.

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