The Transfiguration

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The three members of the Trinity were present at the Transfiguration in different manners. Jesus was being baptized in the water. The Father spoke from heaven. And the Holy Spirit descended as a dove. In addition to the Godhead, Moses and Elijah appeared at the Transfiguration, symbolizing the Old Testament Law and the Prophets.

Monday - Jesus feeds 4,000. Peter's confession.

Matthew 15:29-37, Mark 8:1-9:1

Tuesday - The Transfiguration

Matthew 17:1-27

Wednesday - Warnings and instructions to the disciples

Mark 9:33-50, Matthew 18:7-35

Thursday - Journey through Samaria to the Feast of Booths.

John 7:2-10, Luke 9:51-62

Friday - Jesus reveals himself at the Feast of Booths in Jerusalem.

John 7:11-53

Eyewitnesses: James and John

James and John were brothers who fished with Peter and Andrew. Along with Peter, James and John witnessed the transfiguration.

Jesus called the brothers "Sons of Thunder," which fit their temperaments (Mark 3:17). When the Samaritans rejected Jesus, James and John asked that fire be called down to consume the Samaritans (Luke 9:51-56). James and John were ambitious, and wanted to sit at the right and left hand of Jesus (Mark 10:35-41).

Herod Agrippa executed James the elder brother. He was the first apostolic martyr (Acts 12:1-2).

John knew the high priest who tried Jesus. John's request allowed Peter to witness the trial (John 18:15-16). John and Peter were also together at the tomb (John 20:1-10). Jesus entrusted John to care for Mary after his death. Tradition holds that John outlived the other apostles.

John wrote the gospel of John, the epistles of 1st-3rd John, and Revelation.

Did you know?

The Feast of Booths commemorated the wilderness wandering. It was a harvest thanksgiving, celebrated in October. Jews dwelt in tents during the feast (Leviticus 23:40-42).

The Promise made to Peter as a result of his confession in Matthew 16:13-20 was later made to all the disciples in Matthew 18:18-19.

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