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Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit
John 3:16
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Teachings of Jesus Christ
The teachings of Jesus have been more influential than any other aspect of the life of Christ. Jesus taught with sermons and parables.

John 3:16 - Sports and John 3:16. Why is this verse at the football game?

Sermon list - A chart of the sermons and conversations of Jesus, with scripture references.

Sermon on the Mount - The greatest sermon of Jesus Christ in an easy-to-read format. It contains the Lord's prayer, the golden rule, and practical advice for Christian living.

Parables - A list of all the parables Jesus taught. The parables are more than just interesting stories. They contain practical lessons for life.

Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus - Jesus gives us a glimpse of life after death, while teaching the necessity of proper stewardship.

Seaside Parables - Jesus often taught with these short stories. Discover why Jesus used parables. Gain insight into the parable of the sower, the mustard seed, the pearl of great price and more.

Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit - An in-depth look at what some have called the "unpardonable sin".

John the Baptist - Learn what Jesus said about the forerunner to his ministry.

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