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Life of Christ
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Recorded Women
Luke's Account
About Joseph
Jehoiakim's Curse
Closing Remarks
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Genealogy of Jesus Christ
Matthew 1:1-17 and Luke 3:23-38 give the genealogy of Jesus. Matthew recorded Joseph's lineage, while Luke gave the family tree of Mary.

Interpretation - Obtain a first century perspective on genealogies. Learn why the Israelites kept careful family records.

Matthew's account - A Jewish perspective on the ancestors of Joseph.

Recorded women - Meet some of the remarkable women in Christ's family tree.

Luke's account - A Greek perspective on the ancestors of Mary.

About Joseph - The unique treatment of Christ's father in the genealogies.

Jehoiakim's curse - Learn about this obscure prophecy which may have influenced the virgin birth of Jesus.

Objections - A summary of alleged discrepancies in the genealogical records.

Closing remarks - Admission of limitations, and links to other resources.

Print me - A printer friendly version of this complete article. For those who prefer to study off-line.

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