Temple rites

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Joseph and Mary observed the law of Moses by circumcising Jesus, and presenting him in the temple.

On the eighth day after his birth, Christ was circumcised. Joseph named him Jesus, as an angel had instructed.

Temple presentation

The Law of Moses required mothers to present an offering 40 days after a son was born. Mary and Joseph went to Jerusalem to present this offering at the temple.

Righteous Simeon

A devout Jew named Simeon met Joseph's family in the temple. The Holy Spirit told Simeon he would see the Christ before he died.

When Simeon saw Jesus, he blessed him and said, "My eyes have seen Thy salvation." Joseph and Mary were amazed.

Anna the Prophetess

Anna was a very old widow who never left the temple. She devoted her time to prayer and fasting. When she saw Jesus, she thanked God, and continued by telling others about Jesus.


Luke 2:21-38
Leviticus 12:1-8

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