Gospels at a Glance

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These charts show some of the unique characteristics and key differences between the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.


Matthew Mark Luke John
Audience Jews Romans Greeks Gentile Christians
Author Tax collector and apostle. Also known as "Levi." Missionary with Barnabus and Paul. Called a son by Peter. Greek doctor who travelled with Paul. Wrote Acts as sequel. Fisherman, apostle, and elder. Wrote 5 NT books. Died at an old age.
Date Written 37-68 A.D.
Probably written after Mark.
40-65 A.D.
Likely the first gospel written.
59-61 A.D.
Probably after Mark and Matthew. (Luke 1:1-3)
80-98 A.D.
The last gospel written.


Matthew Mark Luke John
Depiction of Jesus King of the Jews Powerful Servant of God Perfect Savior of Man Son of God
Key Words Kingdom, Fulfill Immediately, Authority Son of Man Believe, Life, World, Father, Son
Key Verse Matthew 27:37 Mark 10:45 Luke 19:10 John 3:16
Characteristics Evidence to prove Jesus was the promised Messiah. Fast paced and visual. Careful and historical. The gospel of belief.

Fast Facts

Matthew Mark Luke John
Miracles 29 23 23 10
Parables 31 13 37 3
Sermons 10 5 13 8
Old Testament quote count 45 23 23 14
Notes Handbook of teachings about the Kingdom. All but 4 chapters present at least 1 miracle. Has more parables than any other gospel. Teachings are presented as conversations.


Matthew Mark Luke John
Chapters 28 16 24 21
Verses 1,071 678 1,151 879
Words Over 23,000 Almost 15,000 Over 25,000 Over 18,000
Size Notes 3rd largest NT book 5th largest NT book Largest NT book. Acts is 2nd with over 24,000 words. 4th largest NT book.
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