Timeline of Jesus Christ

This is a historic timeline for the life of Jesus Christ. This contains the years of his birth, death, and other events.

Timeline of Christ

Year Event
6-4 BC Jesus is born.
5-4 BC Escape to Egypt. Slaughter of children in Bethlehem.
4 BC (spring) Herod the Great dies.
7-8 AD Jesus visits Jerusalem as a child.
12 AD Augustus makes Tiberius co-regent.
14 AD (August 19th) Tiberius becomes Caesar
25 AD Pilate & Caiaphas appointed to offices.
29 AD John the Baptist's ministry begins.
29 AD Christ's ministry begins.
31 AD (October 18th) Tiberius executes Sejanus
33 AD Jesus dies. Friday, April 3rd, 3:00 PM.
36 AD Pilate dethroned. Caiaphas deposed.
37 AD Tiberius Caesar dies.


The timeline above is based on Harold W. Hoehner's book, Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ.