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Few scholars question the fact that Jesus was a true historic person. It's difficult to estimate the dramatic impact Jesus had on Western Civilization.
   These links are classified according to Christian, modern, and ancient historians.

Christian Historians
These sites present historic information about the life of Jesus Christ. Links to the gospels are provided because they are the best records we have of his life.

The Fourfold Gospel - A harmony of the gospels. Read the life of Christ in chronological order.

The Jewish Roman World of Jesus - Learn about Roman Religion, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and more. Be sure to read the article on crucifixion.

From Jesus to Christ - A secular history of Christ and the early church. This award winning site is based on the Frontline television show from PBS.

Capernaum, the town of Jesus - Tour the town where Jesus lived and taught. This site offers a clickable map of Capernaum, archaeolgical discoveries, and a treasure chest full of pictures.

Chronological study - A detailed timeline for the life of Christ.

Modern Historians
Discover the Roman world through the eyes of modern historians. Get a brief overview of Roman lifestyles, or delve into archaeology and Roman literature. Some of the best Roman history websites are right here.

BBC Roman history - This site gives a basic look at Roman life, customs, and culture. It's easy to read with good illustrations. Test your knowledge of Roman history with their online quiz!

Forum Romanum - This award winning site was recommended by the History Channel. Take a virtual tour of Rome. Learn about Roman life. And visit the picture index.

Jay King's Roman history - Mr King has created a large, scholarly site on Roman history. A great in-depth look at Roman history, and the best ancient coin articles you will find.

Exploring ancient world cultures - A link to the Roman section of this huge world history site. Be sure to check out the chronology search engine.

A taste of the ancient world - Ever wonder what people ate 2000 years ago? This unique site showcases ancient food, and artifacts used to prepare it.

Ancient Historians
These historians made reference to Jesus and to early Christians. Ancient pagans, Jews, and Christians wrote historic texts that mentioned Christ.

Eusebius of Caesarea - A third century theologian who used the library in Caesarea for much of his research.

Flavius Josephus - A first century Jewish historian who documented the Roman empire.

Justin Martyr - A Gentile who lived in Palestine and later became a Christian. This theologian used Greek philosophy to explain Christian doctrine.

Resources for Philo of Alexandria - A Jewish philosopher and historian who lived in the first century.

Tacitus - A first century Roman historian, who chronicled the lives of several emperors.

Tertullian - An African theologian who wrote extensively in Latin. He was first to use the word trinitas to describe the Godhead.

Fathers of the church - Links to writings of other early theologians.

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