History of Jesus Christ

History shows that Jesus was a real person. The life of Christ can be placed in a historical context. This section is presented to affirm the historical Jesus, and to stimulate further personal study on the history of Christ.

Crucifixion - Read a medical account of the death of Christ, written by a doctor. Examine the controversial Shroud of Turin.

Historians - Links to Roman history websites, and to the works of first century historians, like Josephus, Philo, and Eusebius

Maps - Maps of the Roman Empire, Israel, and Galilee. See where Jesus traveled, and where John baptized him.

Rulers - Links to sites on Augustus Caesar, Herod, Pilate, and other rulers who influenced the life of Christ.

Timeline - A timeline for the life of Christ. Learn when he was born, when his ministry began, and when he died.